Driving in the rain: world auto news, review of prices for cars
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Tips to reduce risk during the driving in the rain

The main risk of driving car during the rain is loss of traction. On wet roads the coefficient of adhesion is reduced by 1.5-2 times, that not only destabilizes a car, but that is most important — sharply increases the afterrunning path. The rain, which starts to fall is very dangerous, because dust, minute particles of tires, oil and soot particles from the exhaust pipes of cars spread over the road pavement, making it extremely slippery as soap slick.

 It is need to be especially careful at the moment of rain starting, it is obligatory to cut down, avoid overtakings, sudden steering wheel rotation and hard braking. It is hard to set eyes on white road surface markings on the washed out road pavement, it becomes almost invisible by day and totally invisible at night. The driver is obliged to increase vigilance during the rain, drive the car smoothly, without abrupt changes in direction, choose the appropriate speed, it is also possible to use the head and rear lamps and lift up the side window until snug. So if you don't want to spend a lot of money in auto repair shops, be careful and observe the safety instructions.