Useful tips for drivers. Part VI: tips for drivers, review of trucks
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Useful tips for drivers. Part VI

26. What to do if the windshield wipers are frozen
You must not pull them from the glass with force, this way you can easily damage their wiping faces. We advise to drip a few drops of concentrated antifreeze or nonfreezing liquid on the wipers, then wait a bit and raise them. The best way to avoid such situation is always raising them slightly above the windshield glass for the night. Do not pour hot water on the wipers. This way dangerous tension on the glass surface occurs because of the difference in temperatures (hot water - cold glass). In the case of modern vehicles and new cars with glued windshields this may result in deep cracks in the windshield.

27. Dashboard is dirty.
If you notice that your dashboard is dirty, do not worry. From time to time wipe it with a soft cloth swab moistened with furniture polish and then clean with a dry cloth– this way your panel will always look perfect.

28. Bolts are rusted.
If bolts and nuts in your car are rusted, do not worry, just put the acetic lotion on the joint for 30 minutes, this way you can remove rust quickly and safely. After the procedure, unscrew the nut and rinse the vinegar with water and rust is gone.

29. The lock on the door is not working properly.
If the lock on the car door is not working properly, for example if you slam the door and it doesn’t lock, it means the grease in the mechanism is over. There is no need to remove the trimming to reach the lock. Open the door and remove the upper lock screw on its end. Then drip in the hole some engine oil with the oiler. Tighten the screw and work up the lock. That’s all. Now your lock will serve you for a long time.

30. Glass is frozen.
Having come to the parking lot in winter you can notice that the glass of your used car is in hoarfrost. You can easily wipe the snow away with the cloth, but what about the ice? Of course you can turn on the heating (this you will do anyway), but it takes a lot of time until the glass is thawed, so that you can turn on the windshield wipers. The regular plastic card (credit or any other) will help you. Try cleaning the hoarfrost off the glass with it. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and quickly it is.