Useful tips for drivers. Part V: reviews and test drives of cars, review of new cars
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Useful tips for drivers. Part V

21. Check the pressure! The pressure in tires can significantly change because of big drops of temperature. As the result, wheels will have worse grip (especially on slippery ice or snowy roads). That’s why one should always check tire pressure.

22. No immediate start!

When it’s freezing cold outside, used car shouldn’t be started right away. The main reason for engine malfunction in cold weather is a car battery. Before starting a car you should wake the battery up. It’s quite easy to do. Turn the starting key to the first position to turn electric accessory and control panel on. Then blink high-beam. 10-15 seconds are more than enough. You do it to warm up the electrolytic solution in a battery and increase its capacity. Moreover a battery won’t run down too fast. After doing so, you can turn on the lamps and start an engine.


23. No washing! Try not to wash your iron horse during intense cold, because big temperature drops will kill the paint and polishing can turn darker. If you really need to wash a car, before washing treat car locks, weather-strips, gas cap and lock with special silicone sprays. After washing treat a car with a generous amount of hot wax. Thanks to it the paint won’t be damaged and a vehicle will stay clean longer. After getting out of a car wash, use your brakes a few times, so that they don’t get frozen. Don’t leave your car on a handbrake overnight. Better leave it in gear.

24. Starting a car from far. If you need to start your car, but you can’t because of a long distance, put a key towards your chin and press the button. The liquid in your head will serve as a conductor and will increase working radius of the key.


25. The problem of parking is always a relevant issue for new drivers. To make parking easy hang a tennis ball to the garage ceiling. As soon as the ball touches a windscreen it means you have already arrived. But don’t forget to change ball’s disposition when you get a new car.