Useful tips for drivers. Part IV: tips for drivers, global auto news
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Useful tips for drivers. Part IV

16. Clear the mess and reduce fuel consumption. Some of us literally live in their used cars. But not many of us know that he more lumber you storage in a car the more fuel it consumes. Every additional 100 pounds increase fuel consumption by 2%. It seems not too much, but when next time you’ll take a long ride and fuel you SUV up think how much you could have saved now and in future.


17. Do you know how you can clear a windshield with a razor blade? Dead bugs, blossom dust and other sticky filth can make your glass so dirty, that you won’t see the other car crashing into you until it’s too late. Where wipers and glass-cleaners can’t handle a razor blade will be a good sport and you car will look as good as new. But be extremely careful and don’t cut yourself.

18. Winter problems. Strong frost always brings minor problems for drivers, but luckily they are easy to solve. If you ventilate a cabin for 10-15 minutes before getting out of the car the windows will be clear without sleet or sticky snow. A remedy for steamy windows is strong salt brine (2 table spoons for a glass of water). It also will help to clean the glass from sleet. Just rub the windows until frost and ice come down and then wipe everything with a dry soft rug. Moreover, car windows won’t steam up if they are wiped by wet salt enwrapped in buttercloth.

19. If there’s a puddle on a car carpet and you don’t know how to get rid of it, just make a tight snowball. It will absorb great deal of the water in a few seconds.

20. When it’s really cold after parking you can cover the windows with a special mixture that consists of one part of strong salt brine and of two parts of glycerin. This mixture should be put on before driving because it protects glass from frost for 2-3 hours.