Useful tips for drivers. Part II: reviews of models of cars, auto news of the day
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Useful tips for drivers. Part II

6. If your used car is skidding on sand/gravel or a muddy road you can boost its performance by deflating drive wheels one atm down. It will make grip better. This pressure lowering will also be in hand on soft snow, while on the ice one can try to start at dead idle. Cat litter also can help. Keep it in a car in case if you ever stuck in a car on an ice road. Just scatter some of the litter (made of concreted clay or cristobalite) under drive wheels and it will give necessary foundation for tires. Those who drive RWD cars having a big bag of cat litter in the trunk will save them from skidding on a slippery road.

7. Towing a car. When your car is being towed, never forget to keep the key in the ignition lock. Otherwise wheel/steering blocking system will turn on! Many inexperienced drivers seriously damage their cars because of this little mistake. All the dangerous parts of the road (bumps, potholes, big puddles and others) are better to go through with a straight wheel, keeping the steering tight. Moving with uneven wheels reduces stability and can damage wheels, steering or suspension. It’s also not recommended to move through the obstacles pushing the brakes. While breaking the front end of a car gets more pressure, front suspension contracts, that’s why the bumps feel stiffer. Be very careful crossing rails. Especially when it’s humid. Rails are better to cross in a big angle (move crosswise, not along). Leaving a big puddle behind, don’t forget to “dry out” the brakes: push the brake a few times. The friction will warm brakes up and evaporate the water.

8. Attentiveness on the road. When you are on the road try to watch not only for the car in front of you, but also for all the other road users. It will help you to anticipate the danger. Pay attention to tall vehicles (buses and trucks) – firstly, because they are easy to see, and secondly, because the drivers sit higher and they are more aware about the situation on the road. If they all begin to quit a certain line it means that there’s a car accident or another obstruction. When you turn left don’t hurry to turn the wheels. While you are letting other cars through, the wheels must look straight. Otherwise if someone hits you, the vehicle will be pushed on oncoming way and the consequences can be unpredictable. Moreover, if a car stands obliquely on the road, it takes more space and increases possibility of car accidents.

9. An animal in a car. While transporting pets limit their movements around the cabin. Animals can behave unpredictably in a car. Small animals are better to be kept in small cages and bigger animals should be looked after by other passengers. If you have a central lock, always block the access to the car, while moving or parking, even if you are in the car. An animal can get scared and run away. Also accidentally opened door can damage other cars.

10. The bottom of the body won’t get rusty, because of the water under carpets, if you put grates under them (for example for kitchen sinks). Thanks to ventilation the bottom will always be dry. A few drops of any shampoo put into window washer bottle, will significantly enhance the work of wipers.