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Useful tips for drivers

To buy a new car is one thing but to use it properly is another one. Our experts collected all best tips for drivers which will help you to save time and money.

1. No more foul smells. Foul smells in used car can be the result of moisture, tobacco smoke or rare cleaning. Of course you can use traditional deodorants or do some vacuuming and wash everything with shampoos and sponges. But you can also try to get rid of unwelcomed smells with a help of natural materials: soda, coffee or absorbent carbon. Fill a little container with any of these matters and leave them in a car overnight. Smells should disappear.

2. Useful invention. Nail lacquers are one of the greatest inventions in history. With it one can not only beautifully cover the nails, but also fill up a crack in a car glass. It will help until you change the glass. Moreover you can fill little dents on a body made by stones or rust, so that either one don’t grow. Usually transparent lacquers are preferred, but among the available diversity one can choose the color which will suit your new car perfectly.

3. Carsickness. Not only passengers but also many drivers become carsick. To deal with this problem people can take different medicine prescribed by doctors or use some traditional methods like eating mint candies or ginger cookies. Try to put a slice of lemon under your tongue and you’ll get rid of carsickness and also will get sharper eyesight at night.

4. Cleaning headlights. A new car always attracts attention with its bright, transparent lights. But as the time goes lights lose their original look, become yellowish and blurry. Washing with soap and cleaning with a dry towel don’t work. There’s a way out – go to the local store, buy a few rags and a toothpaste. Yep, there’s nothing strange about it, toothpaste will make your lights shiny again. Firstly, it’s fast, secondly, the result is great – lights shine again. But there’s one secret – you should scrape one light no less than five minutes.

5. Dealing with frozen locks. The problem of frozen car locks is not that rare and it can be solved in different ways. It’d be perfect if you had already bought a defrosting means better with a thin needle. But if the one is not around you can use simple hand sanitizer that we often carry. Thanks to high content of spirits it can be a remedy for a frozen lock – just spray some of the liquid into the lock and don’t hesitate to put your key in right after.