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Different fines around the world

If you decided to go abroad driving your own car it wouldn’t hurt to know what fines drivers can get around the world. And that’s quite useful, because in some countries drivers can be really fleeced up for violating the local traffic rules.
In France if you speed up more than 60 km/h, you’ll have to pay 1500 Euros. If you were drinking some alcohol before, you’d pay 135 Euros, but if you drank a lot, police would revoke a driving license for 3 years. In case if you violated parking rules or forgot to fasten a seatbelt, you’ll plunk down 10 Euros and driving through a red light will cost 90 Euros.

In the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan – you can end up paying 800 dollars for speeding up and 8700 dollars for driving drunk. That’s quite a number, isn’t it? By the way, not only tipsy drivers but also their passengers can be punished. The biggest fine in Japan was 2.5 million dollars for driving drunk which led to an accident and one person dying. If you violate parking rules in Japan, you’ll be fined for 850 dollars. Forgetting to fasten a seatbelt or driving through the red light is worth 450 dollars. Sounds heavy, but Japan has low level of car incidents.

Now some news from China. In this country each driver receives 12 points for a year and if he or she wastes them all, driver will say goodbye to the driving license for 3 month. The biggest legal punishment for driving drunk was a death penalty! At that case a drunk driver caused other person’s death. That’s why be careful if you got a little drink in China – better get a taxi home.

In case if you go over the speed limit in Germany, you’ll be 500 Euros short. Driving drunk in this country costs up to 3000 Euros (the amount depends on how drunk a person is). That’s why if you decided to buy a German car on its homeland, better don’t fall over the local beer too much.

US will make you pay 500 dollars for overspeed. Drinking is worth 1000 dollars or license revocation, violating parking rules – 35 dollars, seatbelt left alone– 50 dollars.

If you decided to go over 60 km/h in Canada, be ready to give up to 10 grants dollars. Like to get behind the wheel drunk, have about 600 dollars ready. Have troubles parking? This problem will be fixed for 100 dollars. Missed red light? Not a big deal – just 400 dollars.

Finland in this list is kind of special. The amount of fine depends on drivers’ income. The higher is the income the bigger will be the fine. So be careful, ‘cause you might end up selling a car to pay up the fine.

Always try to follow traffic rules, especially in a foreign country, and remember – ignorance of the law is no excuse.