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What to do if you are in a sinking car

As soon as you decided to buy a car it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to act in case of emergency. One of the emergencies may be an accident when the car and a driver submerge together. Of course it’s a pretty scary situation to get trapped in a sinking car, but more often tragic consequences are nothing to do with a situation itself. Very often people just don’t know what to do in this or that situation or give in to panic. If you want to stay alive you better follow some rules.

First of all don’t panic. When a person panics they start panting and go short of the air inside the car. Using a cell phone won’t help either, because you are wasting precious moments for rescuing yourself.

At the time of falling in the water it’s important to instantly tuck yourself up. You can for example grab the steering wheel and save your body from the injuries. The seatbelts should be unfastened only when there’s a possibility to get out of the car. If you unfasten the belt prematurely the water coming to the cabin can disorient you or drag far away. Usually a car submerges very fast – in about one minute.

If you are lucky enough and the car hasn’t submerged yet, you should open the window and climb out of it. Car makers ensure us that power windows function under water for three more minutes and that means that you have some time to save yourself. You won’t be able to open the door until the car is completely filled with water because of the external pressure. In the front end of the car there’s an engine that’s why the vehicle is heavier there and drowns faster from the front. You can try to move to the backseat and open the door there.

If a car has already submerged break a side window using any hard object: you should always hit the center of the glass in the same spot. Just don’t try breaking a windshield – even if you manage to break it its polymeric basis won’t let you climb out. Break side windows, they can shatter. If there are no hard objects to break the side glass use your foot or heel. Take anything that you can reach: laptop, an umbrella or keys.

After the water started flooding in take a deep breath and swim through the opening. When you got out of the car push off it and go to the surface. In case you can’t orientate yourself look at the direction where the air bubbles go and follow them.

If you are under the ice you should swim towards the hole that a falling car made. Never to give in to panic; numerous experiments proved that it’s quite possible to save oneself from a sinking car.

We hope that these pieces of advice will never be applied in real life.