Car Gadgets for the Nearest Future: tips for drivers, review of trucks
Credit: / USautoportal
Car Gadgets for the Nearest Future

Nowadays exists a great amount of gadgets, which have become the indispensable assistants for almost every driver. It’s just a partial list of them: a navigator, a car DVR, a handsfree kit, a rear view camera, cabin heaters, steering wheel and seats heaters, an ionizer and an air cleaner, portable appliances (a kettle, a fridge, and a vacuum cleaner), a radar detector, various covers (massage, orthopedic etc.), and more.

All the car gadgets are rapidly evolving. Not so long ago, it was an ordinary thing to take a paper map for a journey; however, today we can’t even imagine a car without a GPS navigator. What other devices will be offered for drivers’ convenience in the nearest future?

Automatic parking is an already-existing option available for a couple of new European and American cars. It allows parking without a driver – the system doesn’t only automatically search for an appropriate place but also performs the parking process by itself. Probably, such a handy thing will be installed on all new car models soon.

Night vision device (also known as infra-red imager) is a small camera which gives an opportunity to see pedestrians, animals, and other objects both on the road and on the roadside much clearer than it’s possible with the help of ordinary headlights.

Designer Ho-Tzu Cheng has also made a huge step offering a new device for removing the blind spots problem. Actually, it’s a widescreen monitor installed at the top of the windshield, which displays the full rear view. Multiple micro cameras installed around the car’s perimeter capture the real-time situation from all the sides of the automobile, merging into a united image transmitted to the display. For now it’s only a concept, of course. Though there exists such a possibility that we’ll be able to buy a car with such an innovation soon.

Google has invented something like an automobile autopilot. Based on the Google Maps information, it can independently ride along the straight roads, turn, keep the distance, and stop at traffic lights.

Several years ago Eastern designer offered a truck concept with very unusual name “Transparentius”. Its main idea is very simple: cameras located on the front of a truck broadcast a live image directly on the back of a wagon. Such a “transparency effect” ensures the safe driving experience for the car moving behind the truck, especially while overtaking it. This very idea has been recently revived by Samsung with its new truck prototype.

To draw a conclusion it should mentioned that nowadays we almost can’t live without gadgets. They are very useful items which help driver not only find the right way or make the climate inside a car more comfortable but even prevent the possible accident.