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Interesting facts about car license plates

The very first car license plates began to appear even in the XIX century, they were assigned to bicycles and horse-drawn carriages. Officially, car license plates were introduced more than one hundred years ago in New York City. All car owners were required to register their vehicles and to add number plates both to new and used cars. This procedure costs one dollar. Initially, there were no standards for new cars license plates, motorists could either make a number plate on their own or buy a plate they liked from artists and attach it to the car.

In US you can see a lot of cars with unusual license plates. Here drivers are fond of amusing number plates.

Since 2002, the United Arab Emirates carry out public sales where they sell original and very expensive car license plates. Unfortunately, the auction was created exclusively for the citizens of this country. The resident of the capital Abu Dhabi named Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri became the lucky owner of the license plate with the unique and bold number “1”. The heir of a wealthy family paid 14 million dollars to become the “first” on the roads. At the auction, he beat his cousin and he was extremely proud of it.

All the money from the auction is spent on charity. On the day of the auction, tourists from all over the world come to take a look at the bidding. For men, a purchase at this auction is equivalent to buying an expensive handbag or shoes from a famous designer for a woman.

Today, under the laws of California, a driver is given six months to install the license plate. We know that Steve Jobs used only cars of Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG model, and the interesting thing is that these cars had no license plates. A computer whiz concluded an agreement with the automobile showroom, according to which every six months he had an opportunity to take a new car and to return his old one to the showroom. These terms were very favorable for the automobile showroom. The cars that previously belonged to Jobs outsold the new ones.