Everything about aerography: review of new cars, review of trucks
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Everything about aerography

Have you ever wonder what aerography is? It is a technique of decorative painting on the surface. Currently it has become more and more popular among auto drivers. This technique will help you to stand out if you want to create an extraordinary image or a showy stereoscopic image.

Aerography was created by Ebner Peter who was a jeweler in 1878 in America. He invented an atomizer that consisted of a sewing needle, a small set of snorkels and a self-made capacitor. Such car painting technique was the first and unique in the world. Aerography reached the peak of its popularity in 90-s. It was used for commercial posters drawing; racing and sports cars were also painted with this technique.

It is not an easy task to create a picture on used car. There is a number of factors you should take into account, for instance, color, design, type of car surface and the shape of a car. The main distinction of aerography is color which is used as a background.

Monochrome aerography is a kind of technique when a principal background is of the same color as a car has and a picture is painted by one or several contrasting paints. It is necessary to hide the defects, if any. If a specialist chose a proper color, the monochrome aerography perfectly hides scratches, which are inevitable for used cars; besides, it provides corrosion resistance for a car.

There are several styles of aerography. The main is an illuminated aerography. Surprisingly beautiful compositions are created with the help of illuminated paints. An experienced artist will draw a double effect of aerography, then you’ll see one picture in the daytime and the other – in the night. Such work is quite difficult and expensive. But nowadays it is very popular because price can’t frighten a real art judge.

There is a pseudo-aerography. In this case vinyl is used and one can easily remove it without causing any harm to your car.

The other style is 3d aerography. For this technique, they use a three-dimensional relief image.

Every style requires talent, creativity and specialists’ skills. Aerography on a sport car is an owner self-expression; of course, nobody will be able to pass by such art.