What can you usually find in the trunk of a skilled experienced drivers: reviews and test drives of cars, tips for female drivers
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What can you usually find in the trunk of a skilled experienced drivers

A spare wheel, a medicine chest and a fire extinguisher should always be in the trunk of your automobile. However, in practice this list counts much more options. The medicine chest is one of the most indispensable things in a car as there you can find all necessary drugs, preparations and tools to provide medical assistance, for example, painkillers, blood stopping drugs, bandages, tourniquets and other important things. The whole list of necessary preparation is available on every site for motorists.

A road can be unpredictable, especially if you have a faraway destination and unpleasant situations, for instance, such as a blow off may waylay you everywhere. In such case, you’ll probably need a spare wheel and a jack-screw that is irreplaceable when repairing a wheel. You can face lots of different breakdowns, especially if you’ve got an old or a used car and it would be much better if you keep a towing rope in your trunk. It will be useful not only for towing a car to the auto repair but also for pulling a car out of snow or dirt.

Experienced auto drivers and a used car owners keep many other useful things in their trunk, such as pliers, screwdrivers, the set of popular wrenches and even gloves and clothes. Other obligatory things are the fire extinguisher and a triangular safety reflector. Without these things, you’re likely to get a fine.

A jerrycan of petrol won’t be excess as well. You’d better have a business card with an evacuation telephone number.

Thus, good luck, a safe road, take care of yourself and your passengers.