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Dangerous traffic lights

British scientists say that the usual traffic lights can harm the health of pedestrians and drivers. Researchers based on the facts that drivers are forced to breathe polluted air that gets into their lungs during the stop. It was determined that twenty percent of harmful emissions settled in the lungs of drivers when cars stop at traffic lights. We're talking about specific nanoparticles exuded from the exhaust of cars. It is important to know that these particles are associated with serious illnesses: asthma, vascular disease and even leukemia.

Scientists even managed to prove that people who have a home or work near highways, more often have such diseases. Unfortunately, in megalopolises people spend a lot of time in their cars and therefore are at risk to get various unpleasant illnesses. So if you live in a city where traffic jams is a permanent phenomenon, think about risks for your own health before buying a car.

Also scientists from USA have determined that the short distance between the stopped cars led to a greater impact of toxic emissions on the people who are inside the car. According to the World Health Organization harmful emissions kill seven million people every year. Of course, the amount of harmful emissions also depends on the model year of your used car; new cars emit much less harmful particles. Researchers study only the impact of harmful emissions from car on drivers so far, but of course, pedestrians standing at traffic lights also get a fatal dose.

So if you are planning to buy new car, we advise to consider how to protect yourself from long-standing at traffic lights.