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How to take a photograph of your car for sale

One of the most popular questions that come to our support team is “How to make a photo of a car appealing for a prospective buyer”.

Here are a few tips from experts at USautoportal that can help you to take top quality photos for your car for sale.

1. So, to wash the car or not depends on each seller but if the decision is made the vehicle must shine. Though while you get to the destination where photos will be taken the car might get a little dirty that’s why don’t forget to take a sponge and soap with you. Even if there’s a little dirt it will still be very much in evidence. So take a duster and go ahead! Don’t think that a 800х600 photo will hide all the dirt. The car must be clean and polished.

2. If you sell an SUV or a crossover you can go the other way and show a dirty car. Well, not just a dirty vehicle but a very dirty vehicle in its natural environment – the cross-country. In this case, for sure you’ll have to take a ride on the dirtiest natural road and collect as much dirt as possible. And don’t try to be creative with a handmade dirt art. If you smirch a car without driving the blotting won’t look natural. And you need a real and high-quality photo that will sell your auto, right?

3. Try to use your imagination. For instance choose an interesting shooting angle that will enhance the character of used car, or hold the camera at 45 degrees, or shoot from the bottom-up.

4. If your car has some unique details then you better shoot them in close up. It can be an infotainment system, custom seats with high-quality leather or stylish wheels.

5. Try to use wide angle lenses if you can, they will help to take a creative and dimensional photo.

6. You can also take a nice picture of the car in motion. Find a good smooth road so that the image wouldn’t be blur and make a photographer in one car and a driver in the other car move at the same speed.

Now you know how to take a good photo of the car without hiring a professional photographer.