How to choose your first car: reviews of models of cars, review of trucks
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How to choose your first car

When someone decides to buy a car, they always have some common fears that they won’t handle it or will ditch a car. Of course, for beginners an accident risk is higher but a good insurance and a right car will minimize the unpleasant consequences.

So, what one should focus on when buying a new car?

1. New or used? Here the answer is obvious: if you can afford a new American, European or Japanese car you better buy one. If your money is just enough to buy a new car made in China you are better off getting a used American model. The reason is that a beginner is at more risk to get in the accident even a minor one and foreign cars usually have ABS systems and different airbags, which can protect the driver. For sure the newbie can easily scratch the auto or lose a side mirror, that’s why it would be better to buy not a Luxury car. Though it doesn’t mean that one should opt for a ditched vehicle.

2. Gearbox. Naturally mechanical transmission is harder to operate especially in big cities and constant traffic jams. Though cars with mechanical gearbox give better feedback and are cheaper to repair. Moreover, it’s easy to switch from mechanical tranny to the automatic one, but doing it vice versa will take some time and effort. Yes, beginners will have some problems with mechanical gearbox at first but later with some experience will come confidence.

3. Body type. Usually newbies opt for a sedan, hatchback or pickup. A sedan and hatchback are comfortable because they are more compact, agile and easier to drive on the city streets. A pickup will be suitable for people that care about trunk sizes. However, if you plan to reside in the countryside or travel cross-country (to hunt or visit a summer cottage) you are better off getting an SUV or crossover: these cars are fit for rough conditions.

4. Additional options. Here everything depends on your financial resources. For sure the beginners should first of all look for park-assist systems, view aft cameras, ABS and additional security systems. If you have an opportunity to buy used car with all these features it would be perfect.

We hope that our tips will help to choose a safe and high-quality car which will serve you well for many years.