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How to choose the right car seat for your child?

Many drivers who have children set themselves a question of how to create a safe environment for their child in the car. In US car safety seats are legally required for children. So, now the driver can face a fine for transportation of children under certain age without a special car seat.

However, the fact that road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for children under 14 years old is the main reason for loving parents to buy a reliable car seat for their child, because the price of a child car seat cannot be compared with the price of a child's life.

Modern child car seats come in several forms: car seats for babies, standard car seats, boosters and child carriers.

Child carriers and car seats for babies have different types of fastening and different purposes. But both are designed for children under six months old. A car seat for babies is a car seat for babies up to 10 kg weight. The baby is placed horizontally in it. With this car seat you can make long journeys. Its solid body is made of plastics. It is located perpendicular to the motion of the car. Some baby carriages are made in the way that without a chassis they can serve as car seat for babies.

Child carriers are intended for kids up to 13 kg weight. Place the child in it at 45˚ (in high-quality models you can adjust this angle, making it more comfortable for your baby). Wherever the child carrier would be fastened, it should be rear-facing. This is done in order to avoid injuries of the cervical vertebrae during heavy car incidents.

Standard car seats are designed for children from 13 to 36 kg and are placed in the car in driving direction. Rear middle seats are considered to be the safest place for its location. However, if your car seat belts are not provided for the middle seat, then you have to place a car seat on the rear seat, which has the seat belts. Of course, you can place the child car seat on the front seat, but note that this is the most dangerous place for a child. If you do decide to place the child seat on the front seat, be sure to disable the front airbag in front of the child. It is designed for adults and if it uncovers during an accident, it can injure the child seriously.

Booster seats are similar to the standard car seats, they are designed for children weighing up to 36 kg (however, if your child weighs more but is under 150 cm, you can and should continue to use a booster). Booster differs from the other models in that it uses a safety belt of a vehicle. Since the booster is fixed firmly and in case of an accident it will not move, the seat belt will not cause injury to the child. These seats can be fixed only in driving direction.

When purchasing a car seat for your child, pay attention to the following details:

to the comfort of the car seat (if you have to travel for a long time, your child should feel comfortable. Otherwise, the child will be capricious and will distract the driver);

to the adjustment of the seat belts and head restraints (because children are of different size, and adjustable belts and head restraints will help to make the car seat more comfortable for your child);

to the method of installing and fixing (the car seat must be installed quickly and attached securely);

to the possibility of its transformation (your child will grow up, and it is too expensive for the family budget to buy a new car seat every year).

The choice is yours, but remember that the price of a car and a child car seat is always much lower than the price of your child's life.