How to stay alert on the road: reviews of car interior and exterior, tips for young motorists
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How to stay alert on the road

According to statistics, 20% of all road traffic accidents in the world happen because of the drivers who fall asleep while driving. Here is a list of car driving tips that will help you to stay alert at the wheel in case a long journey is awaiting you after summer holidays.

So, the first and most simple advice is to drink coffee or any caffeinated energy drink regularly. The bad news about this piece of advice is that drinking a lot of coffee and energy drinks is harmful to health and it is not suitable for people with cardio-vascular diseases.

The second recommendation is that it is better not to listen to music while driving. This fact will be interesting for the lovers of rhythmic music. Scientists have proved that a tired body perceives rhythmic music as monotonous drone that can make you sleepy.

The third advice is to chew something during the trip. The human body is designed so that you are not sleepy when you are having a meal. Of course, it is better not to eat a lot of high-calorie food while driving, but nuts or low-fat crackers should be fine. As for chewing gum there is no universal opinion about the utility of it. Of course it helps not fall asleep, but it is not recommended to chew it next on the heart.

Another very good thing is going with someone else. An easy conversation with passengers will help the driver to stay alert. Of course, you should not forget about the road.

It is also advisable to take a break every 2-3 hours. You can get out of the car to loosen your stiff muscles, to rest your eyes, to cool you engine (it is quite actual for summer and used car).

If you spend a lot of time driving long distances, it would be useful to purchase an electronic device that prevents falling asleep at the wheel. There are a lot of such devices on sale now. Some of them follow the eyes and head position of the driver and, if necessary, make a loud sound. Others warn a dozing driver of lane change with a loud signal.

Do not fall asleep at the wheel! Remain cheerful and healthy!