How to choose the right family car: tips for motorists on the road, review of new cars
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How to choose the right family car

Sooner or later most of car enthusiasts face the need to buy a family car. In American tradition there’s usually more than one child in a family, that’s why wise people tend to choose cars “to grow into”.

So, what are the main features any family car must have?

1. Capacity of a new car. If you plan to have more than one child you are better off buying 6 or 8-seat car. In this car there’ll be enough room for a whole family. One more important specification is trunk volume. If you travel a lot with little children you should be able to place in a trunk at least two baby carriages.

2. A family car must be safe. First of all it must have a crash-test rating no less than 4.5 or 5 points. All the seats must be equipped with three-point seat-belts and Isofix system (special mount for child safety seats). One more useful thing would be special locks for car doors preventing children from opening them accidentally. Additional side airbags would also be a good deal.

3. Reliability. A family car must be fade-free. It doesn’t matter whether you drive 1000 miles to the sea or just go out of town for the weekend the car must always start immediately on a hot day or in bitter cold.

4. A family car must be easy to drive. It’s very important because another member of the family can take over the steering-wheel (a wife, an elder child) whose driving experience might not be too great.

5. Cost effectiveness. In our uneasy time car maintenance and refueling can significantly decrease family budget that’s why fuel economy is also important. Moreover when buying a new car one should always bear in mind that sooner or later the vehicle will need some repair or scheduled maintenance. That’s why one should also think of the cost of duplicate parts and service for pre-owned cars.
6. Additional options. When buying a vehicle for the whole family one should think about needs of all family members. For instance, if you have long and old winters in your region it would be great to have heated seats. For southern regions it is necessary to have an AC because overheating is dangerous for children.

7. Ecological compatibility. Modern times demand new level of ecological consciousness and eco-friendly car with is compatible with California's zero emissions vehicle standards will be important contribution for the all future generations and help you to bring up eco-consciousness in your children.

We hope that our tips will be useful for you and a new family car will carry your family for a long long time.