How music in the car influences your driving style: tips for female drivers, useful tips for motorists
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How music in the car influences your driving style

Famous Israeli doctors conducted an experiment and proved pretty interesting fact. It turned out that too loud and too aggressive music in the car may cause serious car accidents. Leading scientists believe that dangerous situations on the road are not caused by some specific musical compositions, but they are caused by the emotions experienced by the driver and the passengers that occur when they listen to the music. We already know that feelings and memories related to music can cause a lot of pleasant and unpleasant emotions. If you feel that you are immersed in the nostalgic memories - you should quickly change the melody. Music that sounds from the windows of the near cars definitely affects the style of driving. A study of motorists was conducted: they were offered to drive in complete silence, and after that they were asked to drive with loud music on. It was noticed that the behavior of the drivers and their driving style changed significantly. Sudden changes of the emotional state of the people cause poor concentration and as a result - chances of getting into the car accident are being greatly increased. Car accident may not only become a cause of buying a new car, but it also may require expensive and prolonged treatment.

Be aware that it is not uncommon that some drivers prefer to drive faster at busy intersections, and sometimes they would not hear the warning signals from the other drivers because of the loud music.

You should also know that the volume of the music should not exceed the noise of the running engine. It is preferable to listen quiet, neutral melodies in your car: melodies that would not cause especially strong emotions and memories. Protect yourself and your passengers: choose wisely calm songs that you and your friends would enjoy without having distracted attention.