Car protection in hot weather: review of the market of passenger cars, tips for female drivers
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Car protection in hot weather

Hot weather severely tests your car, as well as cold winter does. It is important to provide your iron friend with special care during this period. So, here are the things that the owner of the used car should pay attention to in order to avoid season breakages.

The interior of the vehicle suffers greatly from the summer heat, especially the cowl and instrument panel. If the car has spent several hours in direct sunlight, the plastics can melt and crack. Also electric accessories that are under the cowl are in danger. They are a car stereo, sensors, a relay.

Tinted windows will help to solve the problem. Furthermore, you can hang shutters on the windows and put a reflecting screen under the windscreen. You can purchase it in any auto shop. It will be the best to find a parking place in the shade, but if it is not possible, cover the car. Try to keep your new car always clean. When the sunshine is too bright it burns the coating. Even small local pollution on the car has to be washed at once. Poultry manure is better to remove immediately or the paint will burn out unevenly and used car will become covered with spots. Always dose cool air. In hot weather it is not recommended to direct a super cooled airflow towards the windscreen of your car, the glass becomes fragile with sharp variations in temperature, and it may even blow out. Therefore, it is necessary to cool the air in the interior first of all. You have to direct the airflow through the central and side air deflectors to the instrument panel, and a few minutes later turn on the conditioner at full capacity.

It is important that in summer all the windows were in good condition; all micro cracks need to be repaired in a timely manner. Special attention should be paid to this moment! If there is even a small chip on the windscreen, remember that in hot weather glass can crack, especially if the car has stayed on uneven surface for a long time, that results in body`s tilt.

Take care of the engine. Quite often the situation in the summer heat is the following: there is a car on the road and the steam goes out from under its cowl. It`s better to prevent “boiling” than to fight its consequences afterwards. Before you go somewhere it`s better to check whether the radiator cells are blocked with poplar fluff, other garbage or dust. Engine overheat can cause unplanned overhaul repair, which is quite expensive. Just in case put a reservoir with water or antifreeze into the luggage boot. If the cooling fluid runs out for some reason you will be able to add it and drive on to the repair site. You can turn on the heater at full capacity to help take the excessive heat from the engine into the interior.

Try not to overload your car's brakes. During hot weather brake system is also at risk. There are several major problems: pads and wheels overheat and brake fluid boiling. If you travel along the winding mountain roads with steep climbs and dizzying descents, the failure of the brake system will pose the risk of serious traffic accidents. To avoid troubles with brake pads and wheels purchase only high-quality details. Though they are several times more expensive than Chinese ones, but reliable. We recommend you to change brake fluid at least once a year so it wouldn`t boil in hot weather. Do not save money on high-quality details and proper care.