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Do you really need all additional options in your car?

Some drivers honestly believe that a car should be equipped with all variety of possible options. But if you think about it twice - you will probably realize two facts: there is no need for the most of the additional options and such a purchase is a waste of money. Let us try to determine which options should be covered with extra money and which are not worth your money and attention. The initial configuration of almost every new car includes a required set of the most important options: electric window lift, audio equipment, steering booster, airbags for the driver and one passenger, electronic braking systems. Basic version does not have air conditioning and automatic transmission.

Sometimes we are satisfied with all conventional options, but we would like to buy a car for sale with automatic transmission, nevertheless all versions with automatic transmission are better equipped and therefore their price is higher. In such a case there is no choice - we just have got to pay more.

Just consider a question: why the basic versions of the new cars are rarely available with automatic transmission? Because in such a case very few people will need cars with “medium” or “luxury” set of additional options. It is just a cunning marketing ploy of the car dealers. If customers were able to come to their car dealers and choose the options that should be installed in the new cars, the price of such cars would be much cheaper (and it is easy to understand that it is not a good thing for the car dealers).

So let’s consider what options are completely useless. According to statistics the most useless are: rain sensors, panoramic sunroof, light sensor, cruise control, a start-button for the engine. Most drivers do not use these options, or use them very rarely.

There are some options that might bring you some pleasure, but they are not so significant and you can easily enjoy the car without them: height regulation mechanism for the steering wheel column, rear electric windows and large colorful display.

Let's consider propositions from the car dealers, not the manufacturers. A car dealer offers window tinting, installation of alarm and anti-rust treatment. All these options seem to be a necessity. However, the cost of window tinting performed by the car dealer is considerably higher than the price of tinting charged by conventional car-service station. It is exactly the same story with the installation of alarm; by the way, many car models are being equipped (at the production line) with central lock with remote control and a siren - you can temporarily use it as an alarm. Proposed anti-rust treatment is pretty fictional because the vehicle would not be fully treated, but you will have to pay full price for the anti-rust treatment.

Beware when ordering additional options – just think about them twice: do you really need them, would you like to pay extra for them?