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White is a leader when purchasing cars

According to statistical data, today the white color of the car is the most popular; it has surpassed silver, the recent leader. Why are white cars so attractive for drivers? Let's try to understand what are this color`s pros and cons and compare white cars with cars of other colors.

Do you know that when you come to the showroom to buy new car, the price of the vehicle depends on its color? If you want a blue, black or red car, you will have to pay more. Any color except white will have an impact on the thickness of your wallet, and new white cars are slightly cheaper. So the price is one of the advantages of the white car.

It is known that the white car of any brand looks more expensive and impressive. The red, black or green body may not be suitable for every car, while the white color can boast of its versatility. Besides, if you have purchased a small car, the white color will visually increase its size. White is a neutral color of the car, it is suitable for both men and women. Family use would justify buying this car.


There is another important factor, that white color on the road is the most evident one, and hence the risk of an accident is significantly reduced. For example, gray cars blend into the road, so if it is raining or foggy oncoming drivers may not notice your car at once. Another advantage of the white car is that it is less likely to attract the sun rays, in contrast to dark cars, which is felt the most in the summer heat. Researchers have proved that in white cars the temperature is lower than in black ones, during the experiment both cars were in direct sunlight with the windows closed.

White cars still have weaknesses despite the great advantages, such as prestige, practicality and others.

A significant disadvantage of the white car is the fact that it is difficult to choose paint or restoring pencils for it. There are several kinds of white color; all of them are similar to each other. So, to choose the desired white is much more difficult than to choose the needed gray or green.

Another disadvantage of the white car is the fact that dirt and dust become immediately visible on it. If you wash your car and then drive at least one hundred meters, your car will become dusty that will spoil its appearance and probably your mood. Therefore, if you want your car to look flawless, you will have to wash your white car quite often, and you`ll need to find time and money for this. Today manufacturers offer a large range of car colors, so choose your new cars according to your own preferences! Good luck with your purchase!