Traveling by car with your kid: auto news, review of used cars
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Traveling by car with your kid

To have only great memories about your summer traveling with your child by car, you should be well-prepared for this event. Usually babies up to 12 months old don't make traveling very difficult, they don’t suffer from motion sickness and usually sleep most of the time. Great when the baby is on breast feeding, but even if it is bottle-fed, there is nothing to worry about, just make sure you have baby formula and enough sterilized bottles at hand.

Think carefully about the clothes for your baby, taking into account different weather conditions. Also make sure you don’t forget to take your baby’s favorite rattles, it’s better to take music ones able to calm the baby. Be sure to arrange a comfortable sleeping place for your baby (if you plan to stop for the night somewhere) and try not to change the usual daily routine. Don’t forget that the baby in the car should be transported only in a special car seat that will provide its security and its comfortable sleep during the trip.

If you're planning a long journey with a toddler – you can try preparing your child for this trip. Go by car anywhere not so far from home, let the kid get used to the car and to the trip itself, tell him or her that the family is waiting for an interesting journey. Also, this experiment will help you understand whether the baby suffers from motion sickness and whether you should buy pills from it or not. On the day of the trip, try not to feed the kid with fatty products and junk food.

It is necessary to make regular stops during the trip: you can just have a nice walk, run, play something, collect some flowers or have a delicious picnic.

It is important that the kid feels  comfortable and was not bored. To solve the issue of comfort you should take care of a good child car seat. When buying a child car seat – take the child with you and let him or her spend at least 5 minutes sitting there. No matter what kind of car you have used car or new one child car seat must be safety.

Take your kid’s favorite book with pictures, coloring books and pencils, many kids enjoy playing with puzzles, you can also let them watch a movie on a laptop. If you have enough imagination and creativity – you can organize a mini-performance - a puppet show with kid’s favorite toys. They can walk on the back of the front seats using it like a stage or singing songs, telling poems or whatever. Tell your kid that at the end of the performance – the actors will be awarded with a prize. Many kids enjoy learning more about road signs and new cars, tell them more about it. You can just as well talk on an interesting topic. Boys often love talking about space and spacecrafts or flying to the moon.

Let your summer trip with the kid be funny and great!