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A new software to protect not only electronics but vehicles too.

A computer protection system that is installed on phones, printers, routers and other electronic devices will now be installed on the vehicles. Thus, vehicles with such software will be less exposed to hacker attacks.

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Michelin comes up with smart tire concept.

Every half-year period motorists change their tires to make the car more stable on the roads. However, progress is under way, and advances in technology and material science open up new opportunities for creating innovative tires. The company Michelin showed how it's possible to use the latest innovations in its conceptual Vision tire.

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Toyota to present a new Supra in October 2017.

The company Toyota is going to bring a new generation of Supra to the auto show in Tokyo in October this year. The car will take a stage above the GT86 in the model line and become the new flagship of the Japanese company. At the moment, Toyota is testing the car in Germany.

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BMW M8 super coupe will lead a model range of the brand.

Some days ago BMW has presented a prototype of new 8 Series coupe. The model will be production in 2018, and apart from the usual versions it will have a highly-productive one. In the latter case, we are talking about the BMW M8 of 2019, which the German manufacturer has already shown in camouflage.

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Geely buys the Lotus brand and share of Proton brand.

Chinese automaker and current owner of Volvo outstripped French competitors, taking control of the well-known sports car maker. Geely Holding Group and Malaysian DRB-HICOM group company have concluded a preliminary agreement on the acquisition of a stake in Lotus and Proton by Geely.

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Meet the Bentley Continental in a new version.

Bentley has presented a special version of the Continental coupe, created in the event of the 24 Hours Nurburgring racing. The two-door car called Continental 24 will be produced in a limited edition of 24 units.

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Mysterious Elextra supercar appears in all its glory.

Elextra is an exclusive four-seat electric vehicle, developed by the Swiss company “Classic Factory”. The company has no own production, so an experienced partner from Germany will be engaged in the car production.

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Harley-Davidson produces electric motorcycles in lots.

The well-known American brand Harley-Davidson aims to present about 100 new motorcycle models over the next 10 years. According to a number of American automotive media, a new model range of the legendary brand will also include eco-friendly electric bikes.

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New flying car priced at 1.5 million euros is presented in Monaco.

The Slovaks presented a self-design project of flying car – the Aeromobil.The presentation of AeroMobil took place at the Top Marques show in Monaco. The flying car will be produced in a limited edition, not more than 500 units.

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Man tries to hijack an automobile with two children inside.

A 12-year-old schoolgirl stopped a car thief thanks to attainments how to handle automatic transmission. Maggie Weiler managed to prevent a delinquent from startting the engine and stealing the car, where she and her seven year old sister were.

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Honda unveiles an autonomous robotic grass-mower.

Honda has launched a robotic mower called Miimо, which has microcomputer, timer and sensors, so that homeowners can simply take it out to the lawn, and then the mower will do everything itself.

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Ford presents a hybrid cop car - Fusion Hybrid sedan.

Ford Motor Company has demonstrated a hybrid sedan, which is built on the base of the Ford Fusion Hybrid, and is intended for law enforcement. The police car has become the second of 13 Ford vehicles that will have an electrified engine, and will come out within the next five years.

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