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Why the overheating of disc brakes can be dangerous - get to the bottom.

Why the overheating of disc brakes can be dangerous - get to the bottom. on USautoportal (img 1)

Today, disc brakes are made of high-strength alloys - alloy steel or cast iron, which are geared towards the working temperature of 392 - 572°F.

Ceramic disc brakes, used in powerful sports cars, are capable of carrying extreme loads while maintaining all the necessary properties. They are not used in mass production because of the high cost, so we have to settle for a conventional brake system, which, unfortunately, is prone to overheating under certain conditions.

If you try hard, you can even heat the discs of a standard passenger car to 932°F. Even if your driving style is extremely calm, this can happen due to certain faults in the brake system. Under the extremely high temperature loads, the structure of the working surfaces of the pads and discs changes, which can bring down the braking effect to a minimum.

Experienced technicians from the car service centers can immediately identify the signs of overheating of disc brakes by specific bars of a faint bluish tinge on their surface. The coefficient of friction, of such a "blue metal" significantly reduces, which in a road situation is fraught with a serious accident.

Most often this happens with adherers of extreme driving, as well as active street racers and fans of nervous driving in the style of "gas-brake". It also happens as a result of a long driving on the mountain spiral road.

Why the overheating of disc brakes can be dangerous - get to the bottom. on USautoportal (img 2)

For obvious reasons, the higher the mass of the car, the greater the chance of discs overheating, especially in hot weather. In addition, it is the common thing for cars equipped with drum brakes on the rear wheels. In this case, the main load falls on the front axle at the time of braking.

In respect to faults, first of all, it is about worn pads, deformed disc, as well as poor-quality brake fluid. Often overheating is accompanied by vibrations and strange squeaks during braking.

A little more details about the malfunctions of the brake system, which are the reason why the disc brakes are heated:

a disc brake is distorted. You need the disc brake processing if the thickness allows or the replacement of the disc;

the thickness of the disc brake and the thickness of the brake pads have already fallen outside the limits of the manufacturer's minimum dimensions;

the brake pads (lining) of poor quality;

A mixed system of brake mechanisms: front brakes - disc, rear brakes - drum. This is an important reason for heating of front disc brakes since the main load is distributed on the front axle.

We have clarified the main causes of the disc brakes overheating. So, the removal of the overheating causes completely depends on you. This is either a review of your driving style or timely diagnosis, repair or replacement of the brake mechanism parts.

Keep the disc brakes from non-natural deformation, namely, during the hot season, do not wash the car immediately after driving. Let the discs cool down, otherwise cold water will help your hot disc brakes to become deformed.


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