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Why the ABS warning light is on and what measures to take to fix it.

Why the ABS warning light is on and what measures to take to fix it. on USautoportal (img 1)

If you see that the ABS lamp comes on the dash panel, this can happen for two reasons:

1. It turns on every time you start the engine - in this way the system shows that it is in a working order. Normally, soon thereafter, the light will go out.

2. If the ABS lamp does not come on when the engine is started, then the indicator most likely is dead; If the lamp does not go out after a while, this indicates some problems in the ABS system. The on-board computer, detecting a malfunction, generates a false code, stores it in its memory and activates the alert indicator.

Usually, this indicator is displayed on the panel in the form of an icon with ABS letters, illuminated by a yellow color, but in some cars, the light can be green, red or orange.

Why the ABS warning light is on and what measures to take to fix it. on USautoportal (img 2)

If the ABS indicator blinks:

Most likely, the sensors of the anti-lock braking system play up and send the wrong signals to the computer. So, the computer will also give back the wrong commands to the car. Of course, in order to avoid troubles, you can just turn off the ABS, but it's better to go to the car service - it is possible that the complex on-board electronic system of your car will be necessary to “update”.

Why is this happening:

- the wires can break off or fall off the fastenings and rub against the wheel due to uneven roads and simply due to the continuous service of the car;

- moisture can also get on the contacts, or they rust;

- the sensors can be clogged with sand and dirt, therefore they can't send the received information to the ABS unit;

- remember, haven't you stopped in the service station to repair the wheels lately? Sometimes mechanics turn off the sensors of the ABS system and forget to turn it back on.

- the problems with the ABS system control unit can be more complex and can only be diagnosed in a car service center.

Why the ABS warning light is on and what measures to take to fix it. on USautoportal (img 3)

The consequences of the ABS system breakdown

If it's about blown light bulb of the indicator itself, then there are no consequences. Just change it and move on.

If the ABS warning light is on while driving, do not panic and do stop hard - in most cases, it's safe to go further. But you need to realize that you can not count on the anti-lock braking system, as well as on the automatic traction control system and adequate operation of the electronic stability program because all these nodes and systems are interconnected. That's why it's important to look closely at the car behavior and after that, you should take an informed decision, whether you should go to the car service yourself, or call the tow truck.

What can you do if the ABS light is on

Solving most problems with the ABS requires special knowledge and equipment, however, there are several things that you can do yourself.

- check the fuses (there are a few of them, all they are located in the under-hood set block), and change the one that burned out;

- lift the car with the help of a lift platform or tire jack and inspect the integrity and the wiring plugs going to the wheel sensors;

- inspect the wheel speed sensors. If necessary, wipe them and dry them;

- check the brake fluid level;

- inspect the electronic control unit for any liquid. To do this, first, turn off the battery, then disconnect the bundle of wires and inspect the unit. In case of detection of moisture in it, dry it;

All the rest is beyond your power. Go to the service station, order diagnostics, and repairs, because your safety, the safety of your passengers and other participants of the movement depends on the operation of car braking system.


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