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Will self-driving cars be allowed to hit the roads in 2025?

Will self-driving cars be allowed to hit the roads in 2025? on USautoportal (img 1)

A new bill, which was issued by the United States House of Representatives, requires auto manufacturers themselves to send their own vehicle safety assessments to the US Department of Transportation on a voluntary basis, but a special permit from the state authorities to release autonomous vehicles to the roads will no longer be required. To this day, auto companies have sticked to strict assessment criteria for safety of self-driving cars, which consisted of fifteen points. The measures which were taken should speed up the design of self-driving vehicles and, roll out up to 270,000 autonomous cars to the US roads covering a four-year period.

At the same time, disputes about the benefits of autonomous vehicles do not stop. The Ministry of Transport hopes for a possible reduction in the number of accidents, after all, according to the idea, self-driving cars will help to nullify the human factor, that is, to avoid drivers' mistakes. Every year, more than 35,000 people die in the road accidents in the United States, and in 94% of cases this is due to an improperly made decision in an emergency situation. The authorities expect that autonomous vehicles can save the lives of tens of thousands of American citizens. This initiative is supported by representatives for the protection of the rights of people with disabilities. In their opinion, automatic control will by times simplify trips by cars for people with disabilities.

Will self-driving cars be allowed to hit the roads in 2025? on USautoportal (img 2)

Some other representatives of democratic parties and the chief of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have another opinion. They believe that the “carte blanche” for self-driving cars will turn public roads into a testing laboratory - and this can lead to tragedy.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate have also developed a document that allows such vehicles to join the public roads. Although there is still an open question of granting to automated trucks the same rights as to the passenger cars. And trade unions also call for thinking about the fact that such cars can produce job losses for drivers.

At all events, the authorities urge people not to be afraid of the future, which almost has already come.


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