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How you can check an ABS system in the operation of your car?

How you can check an ABS system in the operation of your car? on USautoportal (img 1)

ABS - stands for an antilock braking system. It is designed to ensure the stability of the car, its effective braking regardless of external conditions, reduction of the braking path.

In other words, the locking of wheels, which can cause loss of driving a car and increase braking path, is prevented.

An automobilist, knowing the operation principle of this system, will be able not only to keep the roadholding ability of the vehicle but also without problems to travel around obstacles without fear of skids.

Modern antilock braking systems contribute to efficient braking of the car and do not disturb the functioning of the standard braking system. And the comfort of the driver and passengers is not affected at all. The control of the system does not require the driver for special skills, and you won't be materially affected.

Therefore, there are very few people who doubt whether it is necessary to install it. The driver will receive only additional benefit from it. Currently, these systems are installed not only in passenger cars but also in freighters, as well as in motorcycles and even in the undercarriage of an aircraft.

At the usual movement, the wheels towards a road pavement remain at rest, and only force of friction influences them. Braking causes sliding, which means that the response of vehicle is lost. When the brake pedal is depressed smoothly, the movement slows down also smoothly, and when the braking is made abruptly, there is a danger of sliding.

How you can check an ABS system in the operation of your car? on USautoportal (img 2)

Therefore, young drivers are necessarily taught to reduce the speed by fits and starts, without reaching the slip border, and ABS is very helpful in this, which will not allow the crossing of this border. You can adjust the system yourself, using the appropriate literature, but it is better to entrust this procedure to experienced specialists.

The sensors of the system with proper adjustment provide no more than 13% of the permissible sliding. Thus, it is important to know how the system operates, because the brake fluid impulse is transmitted to the wheels, and the smoothness depends on the electronics.

ABS consists of sensors, modulators, changing the pressure in the braking system and the data processing unit. Actually, the sensors are the core inside of the coil. During rotation, an electric current is generated with a frequency that is proportional to the rotational speed. This information is transmitted to the control unit, which is responsible for possible sliding moments, and gives the command to the modulators which operate as valves. They provide an access to the brake fluid.

All modern cars are equipped with antilock systems. And, probably, there are no drivers who would not understand its importance in determining the moment when the sliding begins.

Do not be afraid of the crack when you depress the pedal because that sound comes from the modulators, and if malfunctions appear, the dashboard will definitely signal it. It, as a rule, is on and when the ignition is switched on, it goes out immediately after the engine is switched on. But if the signal does not go out, then do not immediately try to switch off the system, it is better to seek the help of a specialist in the service station.


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