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Tips on how to prevent the corrosion from spreading on the vehicle.

What affects the process of corrosion of the car?
Tips on how to prevent the corrosion from spreading on the vehicle. on USautoportal (img 1)

Depending on storage conditions, cars are exposed to corrosion processes in different ways. It is worth considering two main storage variants: the outdoor and garage storage. Ironically, but it turns out that the corrosion of the car body is much more progressing at the time of the garage storage. This is mainly due to the fact that in a closed space the moisture that accumulates on the car's body evaporates more slowly and causes great damage to the metal parts. In an open parking lot, the car is blown by surrounding air, and due to this, it quickly gets rid of excess moisture, including the hard-to-reach places.

How to protect the car body from a corrosion process?

And now you may ask: “how to resist body damages caused by corrosion?”. Well, there are many ways that have already proven their effectiveness. The most common form of protection is the anticorrosive treatment of the body.

Anticorrosive treatment of the body
Tips on how to prevent the corrosion from spreading on the vehicle. on USautoportal (img 2)

The process of treatment consists of three stages. It is cleaning the body, priming, and application of a protective coating. Each stage is important, and the reliability and durability of body protection depend on the quality of its carrying out.

The car body cleaning includes the removal of all accumulated deposits, remnants of asphalt, old paintwork, corrosion marks. First of all, a thorough car washing is carried out. After washing, the car is carefully dried and left in the open air for the complete airing of the moisture that could accumulate in the hidden body cavities. All works on the anticorrosive treatment are carried out in warm, dry weather, which guarantees the quality application of protective coatings and the absence of moisture on the body.

After this, the body is primed. The special composition, which is applied to the surface of the metal, provides a good adhesion to the metal of the main anticorrosive composition. After applying the primer, the coating is carefully dried. After that, the main anticorrosive composition is applied. As the result, you get a complete body protection that will allow you to use the car to in all weather conditions and protect the metal parts from rust and other chemical damages.

Protector protection
Tips on how to prevent the corrosion from spreading on the vehicle. on USautoportal (img 3)

There is also a number of protective measures intended to protect the car against corrosion. These measures are based on the chemical-physical process of oxidation of metals. Thus, the so-called protector protection is used very often. This protection is about applying a layer of metal, having a high activity under the influence of electrolytes, to the body. Thanks to this, it, kind of, draws the oxidation process, protecting the main body metal. In practice, this protection is realized by applying a layer of zinc on the body parts. As a rule, this is made in the factory. And indeed, the individual carrying out of such protection requires the special equipment.


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