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The operation of airbags in used cars: does they actually work?

The operation of airbags in used cars: does they actually work? on USautoportal (img 1)

Undisputedly, everyone, who has ever got behind a wheel, should not have a drop of doubt that in an emergency all security systems will respond in the normal operation mode. In modern cars, electronics independently diagnose the operable condition of airbags, scanning all the airbag system components. In case if found a malfunction or an incorrect operation, a corresponding notification appears on the dash panel. It looks different at different vehicles, but more often it is signs “airbag” or “SRS”, or the icon of a sitting little man.

This indicator lights up in the test mode at the start of the engine and if it does not go off, there is a problem in the system, though, theoretically, the cause may be in a simple light bulb failure. In any case, this is a five-alarm fire and a serious reason to immediately call the car service center, where specialists will carry out the necessary diagnostics with the help of appropriate equipment. And it is better to give up on the various ways to cope with this by yourself.

The operation of airbags in used cars: does they actually work? on USautoportal (img 2)

The owners of used cars with a right smart mileage and an unknown history should be worried the most. What is more, do not relax, even if the on-board computer is silent about the problems with airbags.

Most often there are two faulty-condition causes of this function - the shelf-life expiration or the non-availability of airbags due to the fact that they have worked and have already saved someone's life. It's not a big secret that in most cases, people try to cut corners on the reconditioning of a car that has been in an accident, and such repair is often symbolic. In such a situation, the installation of expensive airbags is usually excluded from the scope of work, but it is not difficult for the professionals to put the on-board computer (that monitors their technical condition) to silence about this. There are a plethora of ways to imitate the operability of the security system. In addition, instead of real safety bags, the botchers can place a simple piece of cloth for the cover-up.

So the risk to buy a car without airbags on the after-market is extremely high, so when choosing a car with mileage, you can't do without professional services. All that a simple buyer can do in this situation is to carry out a more thorough visual inspection of the passenger compartment to detect suspicious hallmark.

As a rule, the places where the safety bags should be hidden are indicated by the word "airbag", if the interior elements with this inscription were not changed during repair. Uneven or slightly damaged edges of parts at the joints, microcracks or small scuffs and dents are typical in such places of the trouble car. Also, different color shades of the different particular parts of the interior should arouse suspicion. Having found out these distinctive features, it is necessary to address the skilled technician straight away.


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