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How to cope with the snow and ice sticking to the windscreen wipers.

How to cope with the snow and ice sticking to the windscreen wipers. on USautoportal (img 1)

In snowfall, you can quite often look on how a driver comes out of a stopped car and energetically claps the windshield wiper over the windshield, trying to knock off the frozen ice or a lump of snow from it. And, it can be both an ancient model and a modern executive foreign car. We are all subject to the freezing of the wiper blades on the go. At the end of the day, the problem is rather trifling, but not every driver is pleased with the need to jump out into the frost, and besides, you may not get a chance to do this in the city traffic - and the uncleansed glass seriously obstructs the view.

Windscreen heating is a feature that is present in the configuration of not every car. To avoid the icing on windscreen wipers, you can purchase wiper blades of a special "winter" design. But, experience has proven that these single-purpose devices cost much more than usual ones. And, frankly speaking, they clean even worse. In this regard, the demand for them is not great. The drivers spare no an antifreeze, to overcome the sticking of ice to the wipers. Sometimes this helps to partially melt the freezing lump. But much more often the result is zero or even the opposite - especially if the frost is strong enough.

How to cope with the snow and ice sticking to the windscreen wipers. on USautoportal (img 2)

Freezing snow ice on the windshield wipers irritates many drivers, and therefore there are several popular easy ways of preventing ice formation on the blades. The legendary liquid WD-40 is among the "super methods", after treatment with which ice does not stick to wipers. In fact, in this sense, it is almost useless. Except perhaps the rubber of wipers will be a little more elastic for a short time. Acquisitive minds at one time tried to apply a thin layer of engine oil to the rubber of windshield wipers. After that, the ice didn't stick to them but the oil from the blades hit the windshield, forming a rather muddy film, obstructing the driver's view just as well as the ice.

And the excessive grit on the glass, on top of that, also leads to the lively appearance of micro-scratches. Someone tries to treat the blades of wipers with silicone sprays-lubricants. This method rather causes damage than helps. Yes, after such type of treatment there is no ice on the blades for some time, but the silicone takes up dirt and grit as well as an engine oil.

Treatment with the help of auto care products of special purpose can be considered as perhaps the most harmless and working (albeit not very radical) way to get rid of the ice freezing on the wiper blades. Namely - sprays for glass defrosting. The wipers, treated with such a spray, for some time, become resistant to the sticking of ice.


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