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Mobile tire service: what's at the back of it and who may need it?

Mobile tire service: what's at the back of it and who may need it? on USautoportal (img 1)

Such type of tire service is a unique service for those who know the value time and comfort, and who may need emergency roadside service and want to save time and nerves. Not every driver will cope with a flat tire without any help, especially on an SUV, where the mass of the wheel is 40-60 lbs. The onsite tire service offers a kit of advanced equipment, the same services as the fixed site, but it is built on the basis of a minibus.

It is possible, as an option, to consider the call to a tow truck, but in this way, you just waste your time while waiting for it and then, you waste your time while searching for a fixed site tire service and all this will be far more expensive. You can do wheel mounting yourself, provided that the car has a spare, the necessary tools and you have enough money for the cleaning of your costume.

Key benefits of the onsite tire service:

twenty-four/seven working time is possible;

comfort in the process of repair;

no need to get to the nearest service;

no-queue state;

any form of payment for this service is applied, which is equally important;

the mounting process lasts no more than an hour, which makes it possible for you to quickly solve the problem.

How does the mobile tire procedure take place?
Mobile tire service: what's at the back of it and who may need it? on USautoportal (img 3)

The procedure of tire changing starts with an analysis of the companies providing the services and not with a call to the operator. And only then - call to the operator. It should be remembered that in order not to kill the first impression of a comfortable tire change from the heavy bill received for the performed services, do not be lazy to specify in detail the company's prices, working conditions and exact time of departure of the team to your address.

If you have a set of wheels and all you need is just to install it, be sure to give a representative of the company the notice of this, otherwise, the truck with the range of new wheels under your window is provided. If the purchase of wheels is not yet done, it is worth noting that the prices of mobile mounting for this product are within the limits of standard.

The cost of mobile team services is more expensive than those that are offered in stationary tire shops. At this, some companies that provide the services of onsite tire mounting put this difference in the cost of the services provided, while others prefer to charge for calling the team, but the result is the same.

Mobile tire service is an excellent opportunity to get the work done quickly in the shortest possible time. Also, you can use the service for seasonal storage of tires, if there is no room to store the wheels.


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