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Essential advantages and disadvantages of the automatic gearbox.

Essential advantages and disadvantages of the automatic gearbox. on USautoportal (img 1)

Advantages of automatic gearbox

The car with automatic gearbox allows you to fix on the road without being distracted by the gear shifts. This is particularly true for first-time drivers, who find it difficult to handle "mechanics". Now it is possible to pass training in a driving school with the car equipped with an automatic gearbox.

In addition, beginners often have difficulties with driving away from rest, they stall with a harsh release of the engine clutch. In cars equipped with an automatic gearbox, this process is controlled by electronics. No clutch pedal - no problems.

Cars with a classic automatic gearbox have a smooth ride quality, which is achieved by equal changing the engine torque value depending on the load. It is not necessary to assume which gear to shift, everything will be done for you by electronics. Modern "automatic vehicles" can help the driver when driving on difficult road sections predominantly with snow and sand - if the gearbox has such a mode.

Disadvantages of automatic gearbox

The main disadvantages of such type of gearbox are the high requirements for operating conditions and the high cost of maintenance. The automatic gearbox has higher the fuel consumption (by 1-2 liters) in comparison with the mechanical. If the mechanical gearboxes have no problems in operation, apart from replacing the engine clutch with a mileage of 62-95,000 miles, the automatic ones are more difficult and require constant maintenance. With the improper operation, with hard acceleration, you can easily "kill" your automatic transmission. Plus, the service of an automatic transmission is more expensive than mechanical.

It is rather difficult to make towing on the car with the automatic gearbox, and it is not advisable to do it. If you have the car with an automatic transmission, it is impossible to popstart when the battery is discharged. If you stick in the snow or mud, then you will have to pull out the car by yourself.

The automatic gearbox is preferable for drivers who are not cash-strapped and who are not ready to compromise even a little comfort.

Summarizing the above, we can conclude as follows: a car equipped with an automatic transmission is reliable and has a great resource with competent driving and compliance with the service regulations throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. The automatic gearbox is more preferable for city traffic with frequent traffic jams, but at the same time, you will get higher cost of the car with an automatic gearbox and increased fuel consumption. If comfort is more important for you - choose an automatic gearbox.


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