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What is the liquid glass coating for car and how to apply it.

What is the liquid glass coating for car and how to apply it. on USautoportal (img 1)

Not too long ago, the special coatings based on wax were the main protectors of the car from various environmental factors. Today, the compositions, called "liquid glass", have gained the upper hand.

What are the varieties?

Liquid glass for a car can be sold in different product forms. There are special containers with a liquid which need to be applied to the body surface of the car and then, you need to wait until it dries out - the composition is crystallized and forms a glossy surface on the car.

There are polishes in the form of pastes. They are also applied to the defatted surface of the car using the machine and are crystallized. The substances of liquid glass actively react with the surface of the car thereby forming a mirror-like effect on the car.

How does liquid glass treatment work?

Before polishing with liquid glass, your car must be washed and dried. There should be no dirt and grease on the surface. Some manufacturers recommend washing the car with special agents so that the effect of liquid glass will be more significant. Shampoo for cleaning should have a degreasing effect and shouldn't contain wax. Typically, liquid glass polishing kits contain the necessary components for body treatment.

After the treatment and drying of the car, the liquid glass is applied. Usually, the composition is poured onto a sponge and after this, you should wipe the surface. After 1-2 minutes, wipe the body of the car with a wet cloth. Next, you need to leave the car to dry.

It is worth remembering that after polishing it is not recommended to start on a trip at once. Only after, at least, an hour you can make a trip (and only in dry weather). Also, after applying the composition, you can not wash the car for three days.

Coating usually suffices for six months. Everything depends on the product itself and its price — there is no point to expect a long lifetime from the cheap agents. As such, agents do not have a long lifetime. Usual liquid glass paste-product should suffice for 10-15 car washes.

After applying the liquid glass, the effect is stunning. The body of the car starts to shine as if the car arrived from the dealership. Drops themselves run down from the car, it looks great. It looks like the car body is covered with a water film after washing. The color becomes bright and intense. In comparison with usual polishes based on wax - liquid glass is much better.


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