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Lighting of car doors and logo illumination – want some gimmick?

Lighting of car doors and logo illumination – want some gimmick? on USautoportal (img 1)

Illumination of doors and dashboard - how much do you need such customizing? Talking about the illumination, everyone will immediately answer that it is convenient when it is on the door, but it is much more necessary inside, on the dashboard. That makes sense because the driver looks just at it to get detailed information not only about the condition of the vehicle, but also to know the speed with which it moves, the speed, the amount of gasoline in the tank, the distance traveled, etc. In general, the significance of this component can not be underestimated. In addition, it is also part of the interior, decorating the car and giving it a certain zest.

That is why the condition and appearance of the dash plays one of the key roles in choosing a car. Designers, in turn, each time try to more and more surprise their customers, so that sometimes the car interior is more like a cabin of a spacecraft. However, you should make no mistake about that the lighting is only a decorative function for the car, although this is also true. Just imagine: how can you appraise the state of your car in the dark, if the dash is not illuminated?

Well, if everything is clear with the illumination of the dashboard, then, how much is it necessary for the car doors? This will, surely, have only the positive impact on the aesthetics, but what about the practice? Can such a decision be attributed to useless costs or it, after all, will add the comfort?

The additional lighting of the doors will definitely make the travel more comfortable. Moreover, it is perfect for those drivers and passengers who travel in the dark. It should be noted that to date, most car imports are produced with this feature, but there are also such manufacturers who do not include the lighting of the doors. In addition, the owners of old cars also can not boast of this innovation. So quite often it is necessary to do everything by yourself.

Laser illumination with a logo, diodes and other lighting options

So, what kind of lightings can be, what are their features? Which option is better to choose for the doors of your car? Of course, you can achieve additional lighting by means of simple LED bulbs and ceiling lamps. This is a fairly budgetary way, which does not require much time, energy, or money. However, there is no point to expect something unique. The only thing that can be surprising is to install an additional switch - then it will be possible to deactivate this option even with the open door.

A more interesting feature is a laser illumination for car doors. Naturally, in this case, the material inputs will increase slightly, however, if desired, almost every motorist can afford such a lighting device for the door.

Another type that requires discussion is the installation of an LED strip light. So, in this case, you do not need to cut the upholstering to hide the strip inside the doors. However, if there is a desire to protect it from negative external actions, then it is possible to do such an operation. Having made this type of customizing by yourself, you will get much more light compared to LED bulbs, and it does not thicken, even if there is a special plastic or silicone protection. The disadvantages include the probability of damage to such component during car washing, so do not forget to warn the staff in advance about its availability.


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