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What windscreen wipers are better to choose for winter weather?

You can define what car wipers are best only with due consideration of the time of year for which they are selected. Even the best summer wipers in the snowy and frosty winter can be completely useless.

As for the winter wiper blades, of these, there are often frameless wiper blade models. Let's try to define what blades are better usual frame or frameless.

Winter frame blades differ by the presence of the frame, which is installed over the main mechanism and prevents water and snow insertion to the cleaning elements. In addition to the main frame, which is also used in the summer wipers, there will also be an additional winter cover. Oftentimes they are provided with several fasteners so that the wiper bears against the glass and the result of its work is more qualitative.

Many car enthusiasts take frameless wipers as a decorative component, but not a feature for cars, although, in fact, they are capable of showing quite a high efficiency when driving at speed. Unlike frame blades, under the influence of approaching flow of air, they will not be detached from the glass, which means they can provide effective cleaning. For this reason, most manufacturers install such blades on their cars as lately as on the assembly line.

How to choose winter wiper blades?
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It's just impossible to do without special windshield wiper blades in the cold season, but how to decide which wipers are better in winter? You should choose them not only for quality but also for the model of your car. In particular, each package with winter wipers contains the list of cars for which they will fit. Note that even cars of the same model, but with different engines, may have some differences, which also affect the choice of the wipers.

When choosing such products, it should be remembered that they all fall into three main types:

Winter wipers are in no way different in appearance from the summer ones, however, they have the thermal indicators which will inform about that there is need to turn on the additional heating of the glass. To facilitate the design and improve the quality of its work, all the metal elements of these wipers change to plastic.

Winter wipers with special rubber covers, preventing snow and rain insertion to the metal elements. Not only high-quality cleaning of glass under any conditions is ensured thanks to this, but also the propagation of rust on metal parts is prevented.

Winter frameless wipers, which are equipped with flat blades. Although such wipers do not fit every car, when using them, the driver will be able to note the very high quality of glass cleaning, regardless of the weather conditions and the speed of the vehicle.

Anyway, you should trust only reliable manufacturers, because today in the market you can find cheap Chinese fakes, which even at 23 °F begin to crack and freeze to the windshield.

How to take care of windshield wipers in winter?
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Even the best winter wipers will not be capable to provide you with perfect visibility through the windshield if you do not properly look after them. To achieve a 3-year service life, try to properly operate the wipers on your car:

If there is a great layer of snow and ice on the windshield, do not even try to clean it with the help of wipers, because due to this, they will be the worse for wear in the blink of an eye. Use special brushes and scrapers instead, but be sure to have rubber nozzles on their base, thanks to which you will not scratch the windshield.

If there are strong contaminants (for example, dirt and bird droppings) try to use more detergent. Thanks to this, the effect of the wipers will come much faster, and their rubbers will not wear out.

Do not mix cleaning fluid in the windshield wiper tank for the summer and winter seasons. Such negligence can lead to frost formation on the glass and damage of the rubbers of the wiper blades.

It's recommended from time to time to inspect the wipers for cracks or other malfunctions. If there are any damages (even minor ones), be sure to remove them, this will help to extend the life of the device.

Wipers should not be neglected, especially when it comes to the winter period when poor visibility due to frequent precipitation can be reduced due to ice. The safety of the driver and passengers depends on good windshield wipers, so spare no expense for their purchase.


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