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What to do if you start to pick up an unpleasant smell of gas in your car.

What to do if you start to pick up an unpleasant smell of gas in your car. on USautoportal (img 1)

Operation of the vehicle, which is equipped with a good autogas system excludes the emergence of various kinds of foreign smells and is no different from the operation of this gasoline vehicle.

If the autogas system works properly, there should be no foreign smells connected to the gas in the car and you should understand this.

If the smell of gas in the car appeared shortly after the installation of the autogas system, this may indicate only one thing - the gas equipment was improperly installed, most likely there was joint leakage or the problem in system itself, or there were components of very low quality, for example, fuel hoses, reduction unit, gas bag, etc. As a rule, problems with installation of the gas system turn up in the case you do it single-handedly or in the case you trust to some hapless-workshop to do it. Such shops in pursuit of the client try to lure those who want to install the gas system to the car at any cost, and to reduce the cost of the gas kit, they use poor-quality materials, or a imitation, which later might cause the smell of gas at best, and become the tragedy at worst.

In order the autogas system can be kept for a long time, and you're not worried about your safety, you should buy exclusively branded components, even if their importance in the system is very insignificant in your opinion. In addition, the installation of the gas equipment must be performed only by qualified specialists in the service station, which has all the necessary work permits for this type of work. Hoses for gas supply must be of high strength, hoses found somewhere can't be used! Only strong gas hoses and clamps can ensure tightness and save you from gas leaks.

If the gas is smelled in the exhaust system, this may indicate improperly adjusted gas system. Each generation of gas systems has its own differences, some of them require calibration while in operation after a certain time. You should routinely undergo maintenance operation of the autogas system installed on your car, according to the span of time dictated by the manufacturer. Change the gas filter every 6-2 thousand miles.

And the last. If you diagnose the smell of gas in the car, in other words leakage while the car is moving - stop immediately, close the valves on the gas bag, ventilate the interior, and continue driving car on the gasoline. And it should be understood that you should not drive to home or work, but only to the service station, which can make a check, find the source of gas leakage and eliminate it quickly and safely. Take care and be vigilant!


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