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What to do in case if you have lost your car key and can't find it.

What to do in case if you have lost your car key and can't find it. on USautoportal (img 1)

So, you've lost the keys. What next?

The first rule: don't panic. Heedfully look around. Perhaps, the keys are somewhere near you.

If you don't find keys, refresh memory about each of your actions since the last moment you've seen them, and also, ask those who were with you to help you recall some facts.

Call the places where you were recently. You can report the missing keys to the administration of shopping centers and government institutions. There is a high probability that someone has already found the loss, and also reported on it.

Print out paper ads and paste up them in the same places. If after all, someone finds your missing thing, don't forget to reward your savior. Good deeds need to be encouraged!


In addition to the dealer centers, the replacement of automobile keys is carried out by multiskilled service stations, process-specialized key replacement companies and most large shops - shops for the sale and service of conventional door locks.

First of all, you need to turn to one of the above listed places, with all necessary documents, so that a service advisor is sure that you are making a key for your car. Next, the service advisor will provide an estimate on the cost of the work and set the work completion time. The cost and time depend on a number of factors. These include: the brand of the car, the difficulty of the workpiece and key functionality. The quickest way to make a key is when the owner has a duplicate - in this case, a copy will be made. If there is no duplicate, you will have to make a key with the help of the lock usage - this service is also available.

How to renovate the Intelligent Key
What to do in case if you have lost your car key and can't find it. on USautoportal (img 3)

Intelligent Key (or smart-key) is an electronic device in the form of a key controlling the car security system.

If this key is lost, the repair process will be more expensive than in case of metal key loss. The fact is that you will have to pay money not only for work piece with a chip and warding but also to change the immobilizer's plate in the car. This is made for security reasons - in this case, the new key will be "clean" and reprogrammed as well as the anti-theft device in it. Reprogramming the keys is necessary because the immobilizer must know their unique identification code, and not respond to other people's intelligent keys and primitive devices which illegal intruders use to try to steal a car.

Note to self

To date, there are a lot of devices in order not to lose the keys. Key fobs responding to whistling or claps. However, they are effective only when searching for keys in the room. More useful will be a program that allows you to track the location of keys using your mobile phone. It informs you about a certain direction you need to move in order to find the loss.

If you are not prepared for the sake of precaution to shell out for the replacement of spare keys, try to at least remember where the duplicate keys are or write the code of the existing key. In the future, this will save your time and money.


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