Usautoportal.com - absolutely new and unique project which doesn't have analogs in USA the Internet.


Dear users and we hope our future clients.

If you have found yourself on this page it means that you are still in doubt about cooperation with us. So here are some our advantages:

  • USautoportal.com was created taking into account requests from drivers which wanted to sell a used car or buy a new one.
  • We do not place commercial advertisements on Usautoportal.com, so a user can easily find your advertisement or you can quickly find the car of your dreams.
  • If you represent dealership with the huge inventory base or you just don't want to spend your time manually uploading new advertisements, our managers can offer you the automatic upload of all your line-up from your database. USautoportal works with all formats of data (Excel, CSV, XML, NUMBERS). If you use database which has another data format – just write us and our developers will create automatic uploader for you.
  • All our clients are provided with access to personal account. In personal account a user can manage all advertisements and profile information. For example you can use archive of advertisements to put in order your advertisements. Here's how it works: when a manager of dealership receives a new lot of cars, he (or she) places it on USautoportal. After these cars were sold out, a manager can place their ads to archive without deleting them. Later when similar car will arrive to inventory, a manager can just replace VIN number and post this advertisement as active again.
  • All advertisements are placed absolutely free of charge on USautoportal. Yes, we do not ask for payment for every advertisement or inventory item you place. You can add as many advertisements as you need.
  • You can add as many photos and videos as you want while creating your advertisement (please take into account that you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo)
  • Every our client has personal manager which always ready to answer your questions and queries. Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any queries as we will be pleased to help you.
  • We offer special terms for major clients. If you are a representative of dealership network (5 dealerships and more), our managers will offer you special terms of cooperation. Just call us at (929) 224-5169

It is not a full list of our advantages which distinct us from our competitors. We are sure that we will prove our advantages in practice. Looking forward to a further fruitful cooperation.